October 23rd - 31st

We are excited to share how agencies were able to implement Red Ribbon in their local areas and utilize resources obtained from the NC Parent Resource Center. Let us all look to the successes of 2012 as a launching point for Red Ribbon Week 2013.

Alcohol and Drug Services 
Brenda David
“ADS is a private, non-profit agency providing substance abuse education, prevention, and treatment services to residents of Guilford County and surrounding areas.”   

“I was asked to spearhead our first Red Ribbon Law Enforcement Award Ceremony, an idea we got from the National Red Ribbon Week Toolbox [provided by NC Parent Resource Center]. It started out small, now I have the support of mayors, commissioners, and surrounding sheriffs, students and churches all volunteering to help. Thank you for providing us with the supplies and decorations needed to be able to provide Red Ribbon activities at 5 locations.”- B. Davis

Alcohol and Drug Services assisted with activities at Richmond County Head Start Program, at schools, and conducted the Sandhills Enrique Camarena law enforcement awards ceremony.

Richmond County Head Start Program

Adolescents Who Assisted in the Sandhills Enrique Camarena Law Enforcement Awards Ceremony

Entering the Lunchroom

Chatham Drug Free
Susan Powell & Rob Schooley
“A county-wide coalition to prevent and reduce underage drinking, tobacco and drug use.” 

“Thank you for sharing your Red Ribbon Week supplies with Chatham Drug Free and the Chatham County Schools.  We had an unbelievable amount of participation from the schools.”  R. Schooley

At the Pittsboro Street Festival

Coastal Horizons
Deeanna Hale-Holland

Coastal Horizons Center, Inc. promotes choices for healthier lives and safer communities by providing professional services for prevention…and treatment of substance use and mental health disorders. Coastal Horizons Center, Inc. is a private, non-profit service delivery agency servicing Eastern North Carolina and Durham.”

Coastal Horizons Center conducted Red Ribbon presentations in schools located in Brunswick, New Hanover, and Pender counties, reaching 1,520 students.

North Carolina Division of Mental Health,Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services
Shadé Shakur
The Division’s organizational structure is designed to implement the public mental health, developmental disability and substance abuse service system.”  


RR2Display Table with Some Materials Obtained from NC Parent Resource Center RR3“Red Ribbon Celebration History” Document From the NC Parent Resource Center’s National Red Ribbon Week Toolbox RR4Red Ribbons RR5Red Ribbon Week “Save the Date” Card

Port Human Services
Summer Kinney
“Port Human Services is a private, nonprofit that provides service and support for residents of North Carolina who seek assistance with Substance Abuse, Mental Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disability issues.”   

“Red Ribbon week was a success!!  Thanks to Parent Resource Center, we were able to provide materials and education to many students at Jones Elementary, Lee Woodard Elementary, and Stantonsburg Elementary this year…the children really enjoyed it!!  We judged a door decorating contest, provided assemblies for all grade levels, K-5 at Jones, had a huge Red Ribbon Mural for all of the kids to sign a pledge to be drug free, and read The Story of the Red Ribbon followed by the lesson in 16 classrooms!!” S. Kinney